Flutter Development allows you to use code across iOS, Android, and web platforms. It helps to optimize the budget and timeline for development. Using our experience Navtark can choose the most appropriate technologies for our customer project.

Flutter-Based Solutions we Offer

Flutter Cross-platform Solutions

Navtark uses a single and platform-independent codebase using flutter as it helps in building high-performance, scalable applications used for multiple platforms. They are
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Web
  • Desktop

Flutter App Development

Navtark is here, with solid technical proficiency holder to build high-quality and business-critical mobile apps leveraging flutter app development.

Custom Flutter App Development

We provide you with Flutter App Development services that not only lead on various platforms but also provide you with extra advantages like customization on being in your corner to deal with manufacturing apps that look attractive as your told requirements.

Flutter Consulting

Navtark considers each project to be its priority, and therefore, we deliver custom-design solutions and consulting services, being customer-centric. You can mail us or call us when you need us.

Flutter Testing Services

Get in touch with our fully Flutter app testing process that assures you of a smooth and bug-free app. We perform unit tests, integration tests, and other sorts of tests for monitoring the best performance of services within your app.

Flutter API & UI Development

Navtark’s competent and creative team can help you turn your dream project into a reality. We have proven industry experience when comes to sophisticating, expressive, and rich responsive APIs and UIs.

Flutter App Support and Maintenance

Navtark provides contract systems and support services to make Flutter Developed apps that run at all times with full responsiveness. Enhance your existing mobile apps as well as get full maintenance support from our trained cross-platform developers.

Flutter App Migration and Upgrade

Get your web app migrated into a fully functional cross-platform app through our proficient team services. Enhance and add more accessibility from updation to your existing mobile apps.

Flutter PWA Development

We provide great Progressive Web Applications (PWA) development services. With an aim to maximize user engagement, Navtark creates progressive web apps that run faster across all platforms with minimum effort and great efficiency. This includes features such as offline browsing, push notifications, and channels into web apps.

The Benefits we Provide

Business value priority

Initially, we do research & development and are fully immersed in the project to clearly understand your core objectives. We aim to build an effective and easy application to scale as the business grows.

'Our Team- Your Part' Mentality

We allow our clients to access a dedicated team of Flutter developers specializing in industry niches with UI/UX designers, DevOps engineers, and project managers to provide you best services.

Full Development from Scratch

We take care of all aspects of mobile app development while building custom Flutter-based solutions from scratch. Our clients receive support throughout the project development cycle and after the solution is released.

Great Previous Works

We have created a certain amount of various cross-platform apps for complex requirements using the cross-platform frameworks and possess an accomplishment in varied industries of business.

Flexible & Interactive Models

Our proficient Flutter developers will solve any problem. Beyond this, they provide flexibility and interactive models to the client. With the unique and topmost approaches, our Flutter developers are different and commendable.

Punctual Delivery

We do not like to waste our client’s unnecessary time; we believe in punctuality and delivering the project on said dates. Our discipline and dedication to work are loved by all of our clients.

Our Technology Stack

Recent Work

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Industries Served

Please take a look at the domain expertise we have under our hat. We have a versatile team for different industries and verticals.

Banking & Finance


Ecomm & Retail


Education & Elearning


Govt & Semi Government






IT & Consulation




Media & Entertainment


News Publication & Media


Tech Startup



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FAQ Flutter Development Services

Why choose cross-platform development for mobile development?

The most crucial importance of cross-platform app development is the speed and accessibility on different platforms of the developing process. Using the single source code through multiple platforms helps to reduce the huge percentage of development efforts and client’s funds for each particular project. This inevitably leads to accurately sticking to the actual project timelines.

Will my cross-platform website look good and work properly on all desktop and mobile devices?

Ofcourse! We will design a responsive application that makes sure your cross-platform mobile application looks good and works correctly on all desktop browsers and all mobile devices as well.

Can I migrate my existing app into Flutter?

We ensure that our Flutter app developers can smoothly integrate Flutter modules into your existing application. Additionally, we can set the module in the way it runs in an existing app based on the legacy architecture logic.

Do you avail services for various Industrial?

Our specialists make the most of Flutter’s built-in design and widgets along with powerful motion arrangements to enhance several industries’ app workflows. We help diverse industry verticals within the fastest turnaround time.

How does Flutter manage with the least Coding? Will, it results in a good app?

The version of single code applied for the app performing on various platforms depend on single code, seamlessly providing bug-free, hybrid apps, great accessibility, storage, and many more. Our flutter development team provides great-looking apps with great features that also deduct the extra costing processes.



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