WooCommerce to Mobile App

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It makes creating and managing an online store simple, with reasonable levels of flexibility and several vital features such as inventory and tax management, secure payments, and shipping integration.

What is WooCommerce to Mobile app?

WooCommerce website to Mobile app means converting your WooCommerce website into a fully functional mobile app, which gives identity to your business and directly connects your business to its targeted customers.
If you are the one who always wanted a fully functional user-friendly WooCommerce app instead of a website, but ignore the thought just because it is very costly and time-consuming. Then, you don't have to worry, Navtark is the WooCommerce to Mobile app provider at a very low cost and in less time.

Why should businesses convert their website into a mobile app?

Every business person has questions like: why should we convert our WooCommerce website into a Mobile app? Our website is perfect, then why do we convert? We can get everything that we expect from our WooCommerce website? What benefits we will get from converting our website into a Mobile app? and many more?

Navtark is always ready to answer every type of question- related to the conversion of a website from a mobile app.

There are various reasons Navtark suggests businesses to convert. They are:
  • Provide great user experience (easy sign-in and logging, quick search, etc.)
  • Apps are easy to manage
  • Connect directly with users (no need for browsers as a mediator)
  • Helps in branding
  • Have more access features
  • Built trust and increased loyalty among customers
  • Pocket friendly
Exciting features offered by Navtark:

When you thought of conversion of Woocommerce into a mobile app, at that time you also wanted many features which will add more value to your business. You always search for the companies which offer everything you wanted. So, from now onwards no need of searching, because Navtark is here offering many best-in-class features in one place which you always wanted.

Not only this, Navtark is offering many features with the conversion, like:
  • One admin panel for both website and mobile app, so you don't have to handle this two separate.
  • Change things related to Brand identity, like color, themes, etc.
  • Push notifications, for giving any updates to your customers
  • Third-party integration
  • and any other additional features which you wanted to customize.
Your Mobile app is just 4 steps away (how Navtark works):

Navtark follows only 4 step procedure for converting the WooCommerce website into a Mobile app. These short procedures save a lot of time for businesses, that choose Navtark for conversion.

The procedure of Navtark is as follows:

Step-1: Setting up the WTMA(WooCommerce to Mobile app) plugin in the admin panel by an expert
Step-2: Connecting your e-commerce website with the WTMA plugin
Step-3: Customization as per the needs and brand identity
Step-4: Going live on Google Playstore and Apple’s iTunes.

Why do you choose Navtark?

When it comes to services from Navtark, they always provide more benefits than your expectations. Businesses might think the charges are very high, if you also think like that, then you are wrong this time.

Navtark is providing many benefits at the time of converting your WooCommerce to a Mobile app are:
  • Businesses get services that are pocket friendly.
  • Businesses save a lot of time by choosing Navtark.
  • You will get many minor features free with the conversion like logo, themes, etc. according to your brand.
  • Businesses will also get some extra features(with paying a small amount) like push notifications, one admin panel for both website and mobile app, etc.
  • By choosing Navtark businesses can also customize their apps as per their choice.
  • Businesses get a Mobile app that is supported by both Android and iOS.
  • Navtark develops services with the use of the latest and most efficient technologies.
Final words:

Navtark is a trusted IT company that is known for always providing the best and most cost-effective solutions to its customers. This time Navtark is providing services to the businesses who wanted to convert their Woocommerce website into a user-friendly mobile app with many other features. As always Navtark gives many extra benefits and also an Add-on features option which is beneficial for businesses in the long run.

Contact Us:

If you also think that Navtark has the ability to fulfill your needs, then for more details you can contact Navtark through;

Contact no.: +91 966 998 8687 , +1 415 230 0100
Email: info@navtark.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/navtark-solutions



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