Traditional Hiring VS Staff Augmentation with Remote Developers

What is IT Staff Augmentation?

“IT Staff Augmentation is a cost-effective outsourcing process of temporarily or permanently hiring IT employees to fulfil the gap in project requirements.”
Navtark is one of the best companies that provide IT Staff Augmentation services around the world at very low prices.

Traditional Hiring process VS Staff Augmentation

When we compare the Traditional Hiring process with Staff Augmentation, especially when an organization needs employees for the short term or you can say for some projects, then hiring is not the best option as compared to staff augmentation. Because finding the right candidates, with enough experience and skills, at the right price, and at the right time, can be extremely costly and time-consuming, and also you might face challenges with different employment laws and benefits
That’s why Navtark is here to help you with the Employer friendly Staff Augmentation. Now your extended staff requirement is just a call away from you. No, it will not affect your budget, either it will cut your organization’s costs and time.

IT areas in which Navtark provides Staff Augmentation

Clients are always the priority of Navtark and they are always ready to serve its clients with the best technologies. For the skilled staff-related problems Navtark provides Staff Augmentation services in various IT areas to its customers.

IT areas in which you can hire professionals from Navtark:
  • PHP framework
  • JAVA framework
  • JS framework
  • UI framework

Navtark mainly focuses on these areas and has the best team of experts and provides you, staff, with the same at a very low cost and less time. If you wanted to hire staff for other areas of IT also, then you can contact us, we will definitely try to help you.

Now come to the details of IT areas:
1. PHP framework:

Navtark offers Staff Augmentation services in many types of PHP frameworks to its customers at budget-friendly prices.
The PHP frameworks are:

  1. Laravel
  2. Symfony
  3. CodeIgniter
  4. Zend Framework
  5. Project Yii
  6. Cake PHP
2. JAVA framework:

Navtark offers Staff Augmentation services in many types of JAVA frameworks to its customers at a very low cost.
The JAVA frameworks are:

  1. Spring
  2. Hibernate
  3. Struts
  4. Google Web Toolkit
  5. Microservices
  6. Java Server Faces
  7. Grails
3. JS framework:

Navtark offers Staff Augmentation services in many types of JS frameworks to its customers that fit in your pocket.
The JS framework includes:

  1. Next
  2. React
  3. Angular
  4. Vue
  5. Node
4. UI framework:

Navtark offers Staff Augmentation services in many types of JS frameworks to its customers at a very low cost.
The UI framework includes:

  1. Bootstrap
  2. Materialize
  3. Foundation
  4. Tailwind CSS
Why Navtark as your Extended IT team?

In the technological world, all companies need the latest technologies and employees that know how to efficiently utilize that technology in the growth of the organization. If you think your organization also wanted extended IT staff, for short period, who is well trained in the latest technologies, then Navtark is here to provide you Staff Augmentation services at a very low cost.
Some of the reasons that make Navtark different. They are as follows:

  1. You can augment IT experts in various areas from Navtark, so there will be no risk in terms of working.
  2. Staff augmentation from Navtark saves a lot of your time and work.
  3. Navtark provides Staff Augmentation services at very low prices.
  4. You don’t need to deal with Employment laws and benefits.
  5. Organizations can hire staff as per their requirements in terms of the number of members (from one member to the complete IT team).
  6. Organizations can also choose the hiring period (it can be monthly/ yearly, according to project completion)
  7. You can hire a team the same as your local team.
  8. Augmented Staff is working remotely for you, so don’t need to worry about space at your office.
  9. Navtark is a trusted IT agency and has a well-experienced team with over 10+ years of experience.

You don’t have to worry about the price factor when you are working with Navtark. Navtark offers you various types of contracts based on your requirements in the staff augmentation services.

  1. Period-wise contracts, include monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly contracts.
  2. Projects-wise contracts, include contracts according to the number of projects( it can be one, two, and any number).
Final words:

Navtark is an ISO-certified and Government of India registered company. Navtark is known for providing efficient and best service in terms of both quality and cost that’s why it is trusted by IT agencies. Now, in the IT Staff Augmentation services, Navtark has many USPs that make it different from other service providers. The most important one is its well-experienced team, and now they are ready to work as your own staff.

Contact us:

If you also think that Navtark as your extended staff has the ability to make difference in your organization, then you can contact Navtark through;




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