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When we talk about India then nowadays startup is the most common thing that everyone mentions. The startup has positive growth in India and presently it is the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world. The growth of startups is very fast and they also required various types of support like technology, marketing, etc.

So, Navtark makes its presence to help all types of the startup which are registered with Startup India. Navtark provides IT support for startups like website and mobile app development and also in creating their presence online. These things are the most important because they are the base of every startup.

Are you planning for a startup?

There are a large number of startup plans in India and many of them are planning to implement them. Are you one of them who wanted to implement or create a real presence for your plan?, then all you need is a trusted technological partner, who provides cost-effective Start-up IT Services to you. Isn't it looks like near to impossible? but it is not, because Navtark is the most trusted IT company providing cost-efficient services.

What Startup's needs VS Navtark offerings?

Being a startup you need a brand identity and also brand awareness. So, Navtark came up with totally different ideas, which have the only purpose to support startups in many ways possible

For creating Brand Identity Navtark provides you with-
  1. A world-class website including business, portfolio, and e-commerce websites.
  2. Latest Mobile apps that are supported on Android as well as iOS.
For generating Brand Awareness Navtark works on-
  1. Branding in the form of logo, brochures, letterheads, etc.
  2. Online presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Exciting Packages by Navtark?

You are surprised to hear, that Navtark offers exciting and cost-effective packages to startups. Which gives a bundle of things in one place both in the website and mobile apps.

Types of packages that Navtark offers are:
  1. Professional package
  2. Business/ Premium package
  3. Paid Add-ons

These packages give ease to every startup which is searching for the best technology and marketing services both at the same place and at budget-friendly prices. Both of these packages offer mind-blowing features which fulfill all your needs like creating brand identity and making online brand awareness.

Now came the details of the packages:
1. Professional package:

The professional package means that package that includes all features which are necessary for the technological and marketing point of view of the startup. We also provide a professional package on the website.
Offerings in the professional package by Navtark:

  1. A website; that includes 10 landing pages as per your requirement with a dummy content. Generally, these landing pages include the Home page, contact us page, about us, services or product page, etc.
  2. Basic SEO; optimize meta tags and website optimization through the plugin
  3. Hosting; AWS 1-year free tier plan setup
  4. Domain integration
  5. Logo; simple logo for your startup
  6. Letterhead for the company
2. Business package:

The business package is the special package offered by Navtark only. It includes all the features of the professional package as well as some other features, which give more value to your startup.
Offerings in the business package by Navtark:

  1. Customized Website with e-commerce options, chat integration, google analytics setup, etc. and it includes upto 20 landing pages.
  2. Basic SEO; including professional package offering + initial on-page SEO
  3. Professional email set up with all the leading providers
  4. Invoice Template
  5. Social media account setup on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google page, Instagram, IndiaMart profile, and Yelp profile.
3. Paid add-ons:

The Paid Add-ons mean, that if you wanted some extra features then you will get them by paying for them. This is the most efficient and useful option for startups which is provided by Navtark at very low prices.
Offerings in Paid Add-ons by Navtark:

  1. Mobile Apps
  2. CRM solutions
  3. ERP solutions
  4. Inventory system
  5. POS
  6. Help desk
  7. Fieldwork solutions
  8. Cloud solutions
  9. E-signature
Why will you choose Navtark as your first technological partner?

Navtark solutions are the best IT company that provides many types of IT solutions for the startup.

Reasons, why Navtark is best:
  1. Navtark is a trusted IT company with an experienced team.
  2. Navtark gives you services at very low rates.
  3. Navtark provides startups support in both technical as well as in creating an online presence.
  4. Navtark also does the branding of your startup.
  5. Navtark offers you two types of packages and some add-on features for ease of your business.
  6. Navtark gives you 1-year free support in all these packages.
  7. Navtark is a one-stop shop, so startups don't have to search for every service provider individually.
Wrapping up:

After reading this article we found that Navtark is a trusted IT company that provides Startup IT Services at a very low cost. Navtark creates brand identity and brand awareness for the startup and also offers some packages for the same.
Navtark is the one-stop shop that every startup wants to work with and they always provide some Add-on features that create more value for the businesses in the long run.

Contact us:

If you also think that Navtark can fulfill your needs, then for more details you can contact Navtark through;

Contact no.: +91 966 998 8687 , +1 415 230 0100



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