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In today's era, everything has changed rapidly, mainly the technologies and needs and demands of the people. The Standard of living of every person is getting high, so businesses also create ideas to fulfill their demands and be the market's top player. Nowadays the idea of "Handyman Services" attracts people's attention and the businesses that work on them are now the real market stars.

Many businesses are providing and want to provide different varieties of handyman services related to cleaning, plumbing, electrical, AC and heating, painting, pool care, etc. with the help of websites and mobile apps. So, Navtark Solutions came to help these businesses with their cost-efficient and effective "website and app development" services.

Bundles of offerings by Navtark:

If you as a business wanted to enter or change your website and app in the handyman/home services then, Navtark provides you the best and most cost-effective Startup IT services and solutions.

Navtark's bundle of offerings includes:
  1. Website
  2. Mobile App
  3. both with Admin panel

and you get these all with a large number of features which includes many new and unique features to the Handyman service businesses. You can't believe you can get these all things within a week with free support for 1 year.
Now come to the exciting features part which Navtark offers at very low prices:

Website features that Navtark offers:

Navtark offers you a very innovative website that you always think of. In which you have two options the first one is the readymade website (with all necessary features) and the second is the customized website (includes all necessary features and some extra features as per your business need).

The readymade website features are:
  1. Home
  2. About us
  3. Services
  4. Location
  5. Contact us
  6. Promotion & Coupons
Mobile App features that Navtark offers:

As Navtark has experience in developing mobile apps whichmake your business profitable in long run with its efficiency and effectiveness. Also in the mobile app development, Navtark offers you two options the first one is a readymade mobile app (with all necessary features) and a customized mobile app (which includes all necessary features with some customized features as per your business need).

The readymade mobile app features are:
  1. Customer dashboard
  2. Create Request
  3. Online Payment
  4. Chat
  5. History
  6. Push notifications for updates and promotions
Admin Panel features that Navtark offers:

Yes, you are right Navtark provides you Amin Panel both with a Website and Mobile App at no extra cost. In the admin panel, Navtark provides you with exciting features.

The Admin Panel features are:
  1. Create and manage customers
  2. Manage requests
  3. Generate invoices
  4. Manage website content and banners
  5. Manage promotions
  6. Manage notifications
  7. Manage inquiries etc.
Benefits businesses will get only by choosing Navtark:

Navtark always put the effort into providing services to their clients like they are working on their own business. Navtark is always ready to listen to your great home services ideas and give you some technological suggestions by which you can be in a higher position than your competitors in the targeted market.

  1. Businesses will get both the website and mobile apps in the same place.
  2. They also receive an admin panel without any extra cost with both the website and mobile apps.
  3. Businesses also get home-service websites and mobile apps at very cost-efficient rates with the best quality within a week.
  4. Home services businesses also get free support for 1 year from Navtark.
  5. Businesses also have two options:
    1. Readymade websites and mobile apps
    2. Customized and unique website and mobile apps
  6. Businesses also get their solutions with the latest and most reliable technologies.
  7. There are many home services industries Navtark served to businesses including Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Cleaning, Electricians, Garden care, Pool care, etc.
Packages that Navtark provides:

Navtark will provide two types of packages to the home service businesses, so you can select as per your business needs.

Packages that Navtark offers are:
  1. Readymade Solution package
  2. Customized solution package

In both, the solution packages Navtark will assure you the best quality at low rates.

Now its time to know about the details of the packages;
1. Readymade solutions package:

The readymade solutions mean the pre-prepared solutions of websites and mobile apps. In this type of solution, Navtark shows you some advanced made websites and apps with an admin panel. This readymade website and mobile apps have all the necessary features which are important for the effective functioning of the business. We also made some necessary changes to the website and app you select like editing your business details (name, logo, contact details, etc) and also do some minor changes (color, theme, etc).

2. Customized solutions package:

Customized solutions mean the solutions which will be prepared as per the business type and needs. In this type of solution, Navtark will do everything as per business needs, starting from the features to the minor details in both the website and apps.

If a business selects this type of solution, then they will get all the necessary features plus add-on features like:

  1. Wallet Integration
  2. Multiple languages
  3. In-app call
  4. Add to cart/favorite
  5. Media capturing
  6. Advance booking
  7. Emergency-scheduling
  8. Others

The cost of necessary features are same as readymade features but the add-on features cost will vary from feature to feature.

Wrapping up:

In this article, we came to know about Navtark solutions as a handyman service provider and their importance in your business. Navtark will provide or offers everything to the handyman services business including the website and mobile apps with an admin panel and giving free support for 1 year. Also offers two types of packages which gives more options to you. Navtark will always be ready to fulfill your business requirement by developing a Cost-effective Website and Mobile App solution which will also give long-run profitability to your business.

Contact us:

If you also think that Navtark has the ability to fulfill your needs, then for more details you can contact Navtark through;

Website: https://www.navtark.com/home-services-apps/
Contact no.: +91 966 998 8687 , +1 415 230 0100
Email: info@navtark.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/navtark-solutions



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